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Having an abundance mentality allows you to be more relaxed because you understand that if things don’t work out with one guy, there will always be someone else right around the corner. I don’t mean listen to your insecure thoughts or paranoia.

There’s a difference between that and what your gut is telling you, and when it starts talking, you’ll know.

When you are a kickass woman, and know you are without shame or apology, your guy will think so too.

Carney Direct Marketing is now one of the leading direct marketing companies on the West Coast and offers a full array of services − list management, list brokerage, database marketing, and database management.

I’m a fan of hundreds of You Tube channels, so to narrow this section down, I’m recommending channels similar in nature to my own, i.e channels that discuss politics, current events, social issues, or pop culture in an entertaining, informative and nuanced way.

Keep in mind, me recommending a channel does not mean I endorse or agree with every opinion presented on that channel, just that I think the channel is entertaining and valuable.

Each of these channels is unique, some focus on politics and news, others focus on pop culture and media, and others do a mix of everything.

Richard Hochhauser was graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and received a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia University.

Always listen to your elders, they're wiser than you know.

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